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Victory over what?

So what is the church’s local purpose?

I received an understanding from Mark 16 and Matt 28 that the Activate church community has a critical local purpose and mission to accomplish:

1) Allow the Holy Spirit within believers to be expressed to others

2) Appeal others to become a follower of Jesus

3) Go and demonstrate Father God's love to all

As was previously discussed with mentoring young believers, I start with helping them build a relationship with the Holy Spirit within them. Then the second priority with a young believer is Jesus’ focuses on maturing believers through disciplines and character development. Finally, by me going and compelling others to the Father’s love, I encourage believers by my testimonies.

In going thru my day, I know God provides opportunities to demonstrate Father God’s love. Whether that is expressing His love, mercy, compassion, deliverance, and healing. Jesus would go along his day and proclaim that the Kingdom of God is here. He commissions his followers and me with authority and all power over evil (Luke 10:19).

In going thru my day, I see people who are sick and pray for them. I hear people going thru difficulties and pray for their situations. I have a responsibility to represent the Father’s authority and power by praying. At any point evil is happening in people’s life is an opportunity to pray over them. We have power over all evil: sin, sickness, disease, infirmity, pain, mental illness, broken bones. All of these evils we have a responsibility to take authority over. In doing so, those around we see that God is alive and intervening in their lives. They will know that the Kingdom of God is near.

Once those in our path hear about kingdom of God and experience Father God’s love, mercy and healing, they are ready to hear the good new of Salvation thru Jesus.

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