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August 2020


This newsletter keeps our donors and prayer partners up to date on what is happening with TKoG Missions. It will be also a prayer list for you on the needs of the Ecuadorians. As many know, we were prevented from going to Ecuador in March. Instead of traveling, we have taken the money and sent it to Ecuadorian pastors to care for themselves and others. Before giving details this month, I want to make sure everyone is current on changes. 


 In the earlier months of this year, I was getting up at 4 AM and praying with the Quito Ecuadorian brothers for 2 hours. At the end of 30 days, while in this Zoom meeting, the Holy Spirit gave clarity to the first city to focus on from this point. We are to go to Cuenca and reach out to the ex-pat community and Spanish Christian pastors/churches. In years past, Cuenca was the first Andes city I visited and where God gave the vision to focus on Ecuador. 

So we have been waiting for the doors to open in Ecuador. On September 12th, all restrictions will be lifted except masks in public. We are in the planning stages now for travel.


Thank you all for donating to the needs of Ecuador. Here are some of the pictures and what you can pray for. Pastor Carlos Gonzalez from Ecuador Assemblies of God, reached out to 25 families this month. He was also able to pay for rent and electricity where appropriate.


We are asking for the Plague Blessing (Ex 8:22-23). That the members of the Church will not be affected by the pandemic as a sign of God's favor and that they can reach out to those around them.

Please pray for:

1) Jobs and promotions.

2) Great bulk discounts and timely delivery of food.

3) Vehicles that can deliver the food to the people. You can only drive certain days of the week based on your last license plate digit.

4) Gloria is blind and asking for sight. Plus healing from diabetes.

5) Sandra, Single mother with 3 kids.

6) Narcisa lost her job, daughter, and her living with parents.

7) Manuel Fajardo needs healing from multiple diseases.

8) Doris and daughter need a job.

9) Betty is a widow and unable to work. Pray for needs and increase in faith.

10) Blanco worked at the hospital but had to quit due to health issues. Pray for her healing.

11) Sandy, husband and 2 kids. His salary was cut 50% and they had to move in with parents.

12) Another Sandra needs a job.

13) Efrain salary was reduced by 50%. Pray for better job.

14) Mateo healing from ALS.

15) Carlos salary was reduced by 50% and taking care of his father (diabetes) and mother (also unable to work).

16) Pastor Carlos for an Apple laptop for church and seminary teaching

These are the peoples that your donations this month have touched. They are very grateful for the assistance. Many gave God the Glory and were very emotional. 

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